I have way too much homework

With teachers handing out more assignments than ever, our kids are stressed, sleep deprived and, worst of all, becoming disillusioned with learning. But many frustrated parents are fighting back -- and winning. You can too. Gisela Voss always thought that all the griping about homework overload was way overblown.

Experts say kids still have way too much homework

Homeroom: How Much Homework Is Too Much? - The Atlantic

Just about every parent has had the homework battle at some point. The arc of the fight is familiar: the parents nag, the children avoid or procrastinate; the cycle continues ad infinitum. Is the stress of homework an inexorable childhood experience? It turns out that even though the concept of homework is ingrained in American school systems, experts have serious questions about whether it is even necessary at all — at least to the extent to which it is forced on American kids. Studies have shown that homework has become a major source of stress — for children and for parents. Hester Aba, a full-time working mother of two and publisher of New York Family magazine, told Salon that homework caused tension and arguments between her and her children, ages 7 and 9. She said it was difficult to manage the amount they have after coming home tired from a full-day.

Too Much Homework in High School

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The laments about too much homework — as well as laments about too little homework — have existed as long as the idea of schooling itself. Today, as the majority of researches across the US schools show, the amount of assigned homework is on the rise. It increases both in pre-K, first years of learning and in high school altogether.
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