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Very few ancient astronomers capture the imagination in quite the same way as the Mayans, perhaps because of the conspiracy theories surrounding the alleged end of the world in , as predicted by their calendar. Their incredibly accurate astronomical calculations and sophisticated mathematics were steeped in religion and omens, their priests discerning the very will of the gods behind the occurrences of natural phenomena. Perhaps more than even the Egyptian or Indian astronomers, the observations of the Mayan priest-astronomers were wholly dedicated to astrology and this pervaded every single aspect of everyday life. This has created the New Age boom in Mayan books and paraphernalia, where their calendar and numerology is bolted on to Eastern philosophy and Greek wisdom. Of course, we tend to look at all astrology as bunkum, designed to make people part with their hard-earned cash. However, to ancient peoples, it was an integral part of life, predicting the endless cycles of nature, life, death, and rebirth that were essential to agricultural and nomadic peoples.

Maya Civilization

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To filter the events, click the filter button and select a category to display. The Taiping Rebellion was an immense upheaval which affected a large area of China between and , cost millions of lives, and had the potential to overthrow the Qing dynasty. The rebellion was started by a failed civil service exam candidate called Hong Xiuquan , who had come into contact with Christian ideas in his home city of Guangzhou. Believing that he was the younger brother of Jesus, Hong developed his own version of Christianity. Hong walked to the rugged Thistle Mountain region some miles inland. There he found willing converts among the poor, and he built up a disciplined army - including women's combat units which became famous for their ability and ferocity.

How the Mayan Calendar Works

What we call the Mayan calendar is actually a set of three interlocking calendars, the sacred calendar of days called the Tzolkin, the solar calendar of days known as the Haab, and a Long Count calendar of much longer time periods. When the Mayans inscribed a date on a temple wall or a stone monument, they wrote the date using all three calendar notations. Every 52 years, the Tzolkin and the Haab come back in sync with each other. This was called a Calendar Round. The Tzolkin or sacred calendar consisted of 20 periods each with 13 days for a day count.
The early Egyptians settled along the fertile Nile valley as early as about BCE, and they began to record the patterns of lunar phases and the seasons, both for agricultural and religious reasons. It is thought that the Egyptians introduced the earliest fully-developed base 10 numeration system at least as early as BCE and probably much early. Written numbers used a stroke for units, a heel-bone symbol for tens, a coil of rope for hundreds and a lotus plant for thousands, as well as other hieroglyphic symbols for higher powers of ten up to a million. However, there was no concept of place value, so larger numbers were rather unwieldy although a million required just one character, a million minus one required fifty-four characters.
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