Ethics of stem cell research paper

The advancement in technology and science has helped man over the years to come up with miraculous cures and inventions; profitable to the mankind in all ways possible. One of the major reasons of the exponential growth in population is the sharp decrease in mortality rates all over the world; due to the improved medical facilities all over the world. Research and Development in the medical sector has increased so much that new organs are now being grown for people with dysfunctional organs so that they may be given a chance to live a healthy life. Stem Cell Research, when started, sprung with controversies since the start as it proved to be unethical when seen through the religious perspective. Bio Ethics- the ethical concern in medical and scientific studies- has been extremely active in this domain and hence a proactive debate has been going on since years. This area of Bio-Ethics is so significant that it has become a service oriented sector with its own journals, organizations and research laboratories.

Stem Cell Essay

Defining the Ethics of Stem Cell Research : NPR

Do people believe in the concept of cloning human cells or will there forever be a line that can never be crossed? Stem cell research offers great promise for understanding of basic mechanisms of human development and differentiation. Human stem cell research also raises sharp ethical and political debates. Genetically Modified Athletes; Biomedical ethics, gene doping and sport. This book focused on the bioethics of this current issue and went into details about the applications for the genetically modified athlete. This source is important because it gives the bioethics stance on this issue.

The Moral Permissibility of Stem Cell Research

Stem Cells Stem cells are cells that are found throughout the human body. They reproduce over a long period of time without changing. Stem cells can produce specialized cells, such as brain, muscle or lung cells. Stem cells in the last few years have recently made a big debut because medical professionals have discovered so many unique qualities to stem cells.
Embryonic stem cells offer hope for new therapies, but their use in research has been hotly debated. Different countries have chosen to regulate embryonic stem cell research in very different ways. Mention embryonic stem cells in the pub and the topic still divides opinion. But what exactly are the ethical arguments and why are they so tricky to resolve? Research with embryonic stem cells ESCs is highly debated and many people have strong opinions about it.
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