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Medically reviewed by Drugs. Last updated on Aug 6, In an alcohol use disorder AUD, commonly called alcoholism , excessive alcohol use causes symptoms affecting the body, thoughts and behavior. A hallmark of the disorder is that the person continues to drink despite the problems that alcohol causes. There is no absolute number of drinks per day or quantity of alcohol that defines an alcohol use disorder, but above a certain level, the risks of drinking increase significantly.

Alcohol Use Disorder (Alcoholism)

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Abstract:- Background: Alcohol use, its addiction and the related health effects are a global problem. The World Health Organization WHO noted that harmful alcohol use is the third leading risk factor for premature deaths and disabilities in the world, accounting for approximately 2. Addiction can harm our physical and spiritual health and deeply affect those who love us. Alcohol addicts once the stop alcohol, sadness dawns and that too with greater amplitude. The aim of life is not to lose awareness but to live in awareness.

Alcohol Abuse And Alcohol Use Disorder Essay

Research Project The research project will involve looking at an area of psychology that you are interested in a form of mental illness, research on sports, motivation, education, health etc. You will write a brief paper about the topic using APA documentation. It must be double spaced. All sources require an author and a date of publication. A web site can be used as a supplemental source.
Everyday around the world people fail to realize the effects alcohol abuse can have on themselves as well as their loved ones. Alcohol can be highly addictive, and plague an individual 's life. Individuals who suffer from alcohol abuse go through various withdrawal symptoms when attempting to cease from drinking alcohol. There are various methods alcohol abusers to quit using alcohol. For adults who abuse alcohol, achieving abstinence can be an arduous process that can be overcome with the perseverance.
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