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Does the mere thought of writing make you feel exhausted? There are some good scientific reasons explaining why writing is so tiring…. Our class-conscious society usually divides work into two categories: white collar and blue collar. We expect blue collar workers — plumbers, builders, brick layers and others — to be physically tired at the end of a long working day. We all expect that physical exertion eventually leads to physical exhaustion. The perhaps surprising news is that the mental work of writing also has physical consequences.

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How To Write When You’re Really Tired

Just last night, I arrived back home from the Middle East, where I was working for the last two weeks. Photo by Umberto Salvagnin Creative Commons. However, I also have a lot of writing to do.
The condition is frustrating, emotionally draining, and affects confidence. Negative thinking that clouds judgment, thoughts, and writing style. Unfortunately, there is no magic remedy that will ease this roadblock in your writing; however, there are a few ways you can reduce its impact over time.
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